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What I Do

Rosepol currently provides financial analyses and policy advice for proposed alternative teacher compensation reforms.  Initially, I help specify alternatives, then compare costs in order to create informed choices. Usually the next step is to model the phase-in and transition of the reform. As the new reform becomes embedded into the operating procedures of a state or district, our financial modeling allows for adjustments to be made in expectations based on the evolving data from the implemented change. Throughout, I provide interactive advice and consultation as options are proposed and decisions weighed.


Why Do It

To have the project succeed. Most attempts to reform teacher compensation fail, commonly because of lack of financial sustainability and credibility.  Behind these lacks are often failures of communication, consultation, investigation, and foresight.  My involvement aims to prevent problems from becoming fatal to reform.  Based on prior success, Rosepol has credibility, which aids clients in securing funding.


Work With Our Clients

I ask clients about what they want as an outcome, commonly over a period of time as options become clear to them, and then I design research and processes that will disclose the questions that need to be answered. Next I distill the data and find answers. I evaluate the costs and benefits of potential solutions, and help my clients make the series of choices that best meets their needs. While the core service is financial projection, my extensive involvement in successful reform efforts provides useful know-how about many aspects of creating change.



Alternative teacher compensation clients have included: 

      Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, with CTAC as a partner. Contact: Bill Slotnik, CTAC, 6617-423-1444

      Austin Independent School District, with APA as a partner. Contact: David Lussier, AISD 512-414-9834

      Denver Public Schools, with A&M, JL Myers, and APA in series as partners. Contact: Brad Jupp, US DOE, (720) 289-2444


Who Is Rosepol?

The principal of Rosepol is Douglas Rose, who incorporated the company in 1986. My work frequently involves listening to people then creating new methods and techniques of analysis that are appropriate to the problem. Additionally, I have provided project leadership for major education reforms. Intensive involvement with alternative teacher compensation began in 2003.